Something with dangly bits

This page shows a selection of chain maille bracelets featuring dangly bits. Each one is made to order and takes around a week, depending on demand. Prices start at £20 for something pre-made, £30 for something bespoke, although it varies depending on the materials you’d like me to use. If you’ve seen something you like and have some ideas for customisation, just drop me an email and we’ll talk! If you don’t see anything you like, keep an eye on this page – I’m always adding to it.

This is a very pretty false Byzantine weave, made with silver-plate rings and toggle clasp and finished with a selection of green and purple beads and silver-plated charms.

This is a very simple, but very effective, 2-in-2 weave – its simplicity showcases the semi-precious stone beads and brass-plated charms it’s finished with. The simple chain allows the turquoise of the beads and the copper clasp to really stand out.