Something solid and striking

This page shows a selection of solid and striking chain maille bracelets. Each one is made to order and takes around a week, depending on demand. Prices start at £120 and can vary depending on the materials you’d like me to use. If you’ve seen something you like and have some ideas for customisation, just drop me a email and we’ll talk! If you don’t see anything you like, keep an eye on this page – I’m always adding to it.

This dragonscale cuff is flexible and strong and unmistakeable – it’s made with gunmetal-plate and silver-plate rings and finished with a gunmetal-plate toggle clasp. Dragonscale is highly versatile with regard to patterns but is also beautiful in one uniform colour.

This bracelet features three Byzantine chains, joined with eyepins strung with Czech fire-polished glass beads. This particular piece was made with bright copper rings and finished with a silver-plated button featuring a mermaid. The toggle clasp is particularly decorative with a lily design – the whole piece has a steampunk feel to it and works well with Victorian style costumes.