Be a part of Be a Bard history

The first ever online Be A Bard game is currently taking place. There’s a unicorn in the river, being watched by a planet while an old lady and a bunch of moles try and winch the unicorn onto a life raft. And now a hippocampus riding a shark has appeared. It’s not looking good for the unicorn. Or for the moles, for that matter. The axe might be okay, though.

Oh yes, there’s an axe, too.

And this is why I love Bard. Because everything makes so much SENSE.


*ahem* Excuse me. I mean, because it’s… yeah, okay, it’s nuts. Come and join in. Just look for the #babg hashtag or follow @BeABardGame or @AMhairiSimpson. As you can probably tell, there’s no requirement for anything to make sense…