Creative consistency

When I’m low, I don’t write. I know this. When I’m ill, I also don’t write and I know that too.

Currently, I am neither ill nor low, so I should probably write. But it’s getting on for 6 pm and I’m expecting my sweetie in the next hour or so, which makes it hard to settle for anything. I’m looking forward to reinstating the daily morning practice that had me writing well over thirteen thousand words in three days back at the beginning of October. Then everything changed. Again. That happens a lot in my life.

So it occurred to me that putting all my eggs in one this-is-how-I-consistently-access-my-creativity basket is probably a fail, as ideas go. I am, if nothing else, NOT consistent. So it’s silly to think that I can stick to one practice, one routine and that will be the key to everything.

(I’m always looking for keys to everything. You’d think I’d know better by now.)

And consistency is *so* not me. I’m the Queen of Inconsistency.

(It’s awesome there, by the way. The sky is never the same color two days in a row. And sometimes the pigs fly, but they also like to row around in little boats.)

So it’s probably time to try other things. Like just opening up a damn doc in Word and flipping well writing in it. *sigh*

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