Who gets to label you?

Anyone can be crazy (/ˈkreɪzi/)
Anyone can be creative (/kriːˈeɪtɪv/)
Anyone can be labelled.
Anyone can label you.
Anyone can define you.

But why let them?

Instead of asking how others define you, ask yourself.
How do you define you?

No one knows you better than you. After all, you’ve been you all your life. You’ve spent an entire lifetime (and counting) in your body, your mind, your heart. You know what you like and what you don’t, what you love and what you hate. You know what you’re good at and what you could do better, if you wanted to.

You even know if you want to.

And if you don’t.

The hardest truths to find can be the ones about your own self. They can take a lifetime to discover but once you find them, you’ve found your story.

[Totally irrelevant sidenote: Please note the correct use of ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ above.
Moving on…]

Once you know who you really are, you don’t need to worry what anyone else says about you, how they define you.

You don’t even have to know.

The only person who can truly define you (ie, in terms of what is true about you) is you.

So do it.

Decide who you really are, what you really are and own it. Be proud. Tell the world the truth about you.

You’re the only one who can.