There’s going to be a party!!!

Yes, there is. Not today, though. And not tomorrow either. No, this party is going to be on Tuesday. Why Tuesday? Well, that’s the day James Rollins releases his new book, The Devil Colony.

James is a New York Times bestselling author but even that rare breed gets performance anxiety about new releases. So, we want to give him a party. I know parties per se don’t necessarily help with the anxiety, but just think about it. If the launch day goes well, there’ll be champagne!! And if it doesn’t? There’ll STILL be champagne!!! Win-win, methinks!!

So, come Tuesday we’ll all be congregating on Twitter at the #DevilColony hashtag. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it – it’s NEW!! And we’re going to make it FUN. Because, let’s face it, anyone can make a new hashtag. Kristen Lamb is behind this one which makes it pretty cool to start with, but it’s not exactly rocket science (unless you’re using a different keyboard where what’s on the keys doesn’t match what actually happens when you press it. In those cases, it can come close to rocket science. But moving…). So, new hashtag = not hard.



BUT… FUN PARTY FUN??? That takes special people. You need the right blend of smart, attractive and, let’s be honest, WEIRD, to make a fun party.

You know what else you need?


Yes, which is why I’m going to have great fun putting pictures into this post when I’m done with it. I don’t usually do pictures so I expect much encouragement and happiness in the comments. GOT THAT???

But seriously, we’re all having fun with this – putting up pictures on the theme of Devil and seeing what everyone thinks. Well, personally I’m not bothered what anyone else thinks. I’m only going for the champagne. BUT… if you are bothered, there will be judging of said pictures (I think as a whole blog post rather than individually – ‘mmm, yes, this one captures that devilish essence very well, one can almost smell the sulphur’) and there will be a MYSTERY PRIZE. So get going with the camera!!!






Now, if the idea of having some fun isn’t enough to convince you to join this party, how about this? James Rollins, as previously mentioned, is already a bestselling author. Traditionally published and doing well with it, so guess what kind of people will be going to his party? That’s right – IMPORTANT PUBLISHING PEOPLE. Editors, agents, other awesome authors, me… What’s that? What do you mean, I’m not an important publishing person? Oh bugger, the time machine’s gone too far back. I hate it when that happens. No one bows, no one feeds my Chihuahua…



So do up a blog post with stupid entertaining pictures and come along to the party on Twitter at #DevilColony to get virtually tipsy on virtual champagne and mingle with real people. You never know, you might even have… oh, damn, what’s the word again?

Oh yes.