And they’re off! Day 1 of the new website!

It’s a beautiful day outside and I am very happy because I finally got Google Friend Connect to work on here, which means I will finally be able to know how many people are following my words of, er… wisdom?

Things have somewhat got away from me over the last couple of weeks and I am hoping this fresh start, of sorts, will herald the beginning of me sorting myself out and getting to grips with the writing life. I seem to have several projects in various stages of completion, none of which can be said to actually be completed. This isn’t healthy for either my career or my state of mind, so I have to get everything organized. I feel a list coming on.

Since today sees me resolving to act just a little bit more like a grown-up, I feel it’s time to do a grown-up thing and draw attention to someone other than myself for a change. This blog has, up until now, been a monument to self-obsession!

If you can, please spare a moment to pop over to Leona Bushman’s site. Leona is an unspeakably wonderful lady. A mother of five, she is an extremely talented writer and my critique partner, which means she has effectively gained a sixth child. I can’t count the number of times she has talked me down over the last three months – now it’s my turn to support her. Her eldest child and only daughter are very ill in hospital following a blood clot in her leg, a bleed in her brain and another clot in her other leg. Please follow this fantastic lady’s blog as it is well worth your while – her monthly review of talented writers deserves your attention if nothing else!

I also finally found out today about the #MyWANA hashtag, implemented by Kristen Lamb. Kristen is a social media guru, specializing in the benefits and uses of social media tools for writers. I have implemented a number of her recommendations from her book Social Media for Writers – We Are Not Alone and they were instrumental in increasing my blog’s visibility on the web. I am talking immediate results the very same day I introduced simple elements, like the word ‘fantasy’ in my blogs and meta tags – I now get a number of hits a day from fantasy related Google searches. Kristen has introduced this new hashtag (see her blog post on the subject) as a way of bringing together writers from around the world who are aware of the importance of social media in writers’ careers and I look forward to meeting other writers with it.

Kristen’s post that I linked to above also includes a mashup of various other blogs which looks horribly juicy and tempting, so I’m just going to have to stay away from it until I’ve done a chunk of editing and a chunk of writing and finalized the synopsis for my Splintered Lands novella. I also have to do a number of things for this website. Self-discipline is not my strong point, but I’ll never make my dream of being a full-time writer come true without it.

Once more I would like to welcome you to my beautiful new website and I look forward with great anticipation to getting to know you all!