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Since I can't take 55 straight vacation days nor can I stay awake for that long I didn't make it to all the hundreds of fetes, but I got to Trinidad in time for Bacchanal Week , the wildest seven days on the Gregorian calendar. By the way, fetting means partying, and it's critical that you know this word before traveling to Trinidad. The huge factions of former indentured laborers from India, China, and the Middle East, who had been brought over after the abolition of slavery to sustain Trinidad's commercial growth, also helped to resuscitate the revelry, infusing the festivities with their native folk music. In the days leading up to Ash Wednesday plantation owners would throw extravagant galas for the rich and racist, and their slaves, who were prohibited from taking part, started holding their own concealed celebrations which mostly consisted of dressing up and mocking their masters. What really puts Trinidad's Carnival in a whole other league is its proportions.
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How to Survive the Best Party on the Planet: Trinidad Carnival

If you are unable to make it to Trinidad next year, don't fret. A fete is a full-blown party with copious amounts of liquor, whereas a lime is not a fruit, but rather an informal gathering for an indefinite period of time. The epidemiology of Post-Carnival Depression, known in Trinidad as Carnival tabanca , is not completely understood, but we do know it is a side-effect of the extreme euphoria experienced by Carnival-goers. After the emancipation former slaves were finally free to move their Carnival out of backyard barracks, and so they took to the streets to celebrate the end of slavery through singing and dancing. In the middle of the night tens of thousands of people make a pilgrimage to Port-of-Spain to cloak each other in cocoa, clay, and paint representing the disintegration of race and class , while foreboding rhythm sections—massive bands made up of only percussion instruments—make the dark streets of featureless people all the more haunting. Before I went to Trinidad I found going to a club to be about as fun as an anal fissure, but when I got home the only thing I could focus on was finding my next fete.
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How to Survive the Best Party on the Planet: Trinidad Carnival - Noisey

Lord Shorty, a. While Bob Marley's ambassadorship secured Jamaica as the world's benchmark of West Indian-ness, Trinidad took the role of the quiet guy whose name you can't quite remember, but, while the popular kids were busy puking up puncheon, this quiet kid was making cold calls from the Caribbean's basement and he's now a year-old billionaire. Sexual innuendo set to syncopated rhythms seduced the masses. Despite these captivating attributes, Trinidad exists in near total anonymity, it's autonomy stifled by being erroneously typecast as Jamaica's alter-ego—erroneous because Trinidad and Jamaica are no more synonymous than a seal flipper and my arm. Because the rest of the world is and always will be mediocre compared to Carnival, Post-Carnival Depression cannot be cured. We're not talking a few thousand people in neon crop tops and floral headpieces fist pumping a field.
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Before I begin, I want to clarify that I didn't go gallivanting through Port-of-Spain in a rhinestoned thong because I care for crazy parties. His latest work is a remix of Circles, one of Carnival 's s biggest anthems Feel Up offers several mixtapes free of charge as part of their philanthropic Free Ting Fridays initiative, but they do charge a fee to attend their community events, such as the Chicken and Beer tour. Whereas most islands rely almost entirely on tourism, Trinidad doesn't do the whole umbrella in your drink thing. Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the climax of Bacchanal Week, is a pornographic black hole of over-proof booze and naked bodies that makes Mardi Gras look like an Amish Thanksgiving Day parade. Then, as the sun rises the biggest party of the week begins. This centuries-in-the-making cultural coup is why, today, Trinidadians have such a flair for partying, or rather fetting and liming. For a full 48 hours, Trinidad exists in a vacuum devoid of anything but perfect butt cheeks ferociously rammed into a crotches.
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